• Work remotely and access your DMS documents / drawings as if you were in the office.
  • View work files and drawings remotely on mobile devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Leverage the cloud with your DMS to collaborate on documents and drawings.
  • A rich DMS toolkit providing functions for remote users to colaborate on documents and designs

Software development

In the early 80's Aprotec operated as a bespoke software developer and specialist consultancy serving the need of clients that used AutoCAD.

When engineering companies first embraced AutoCAD they immediately discovered that maintaining control over the drawings was a challenge. Recognising there was a need for a document management solution, Aprotec responded creating a database application called Enhancement 1 which provided an affordable and effective solution to the problems facing the department managers at that time.

Over the years Enhancement 1 has been continuously developed to meet the ever increasing needs and demands of our clients. Today Aprotec DMS has technical pedigree of over 30 years, and is able to fulfill the document management requirements of any office in any industry.

Aprotec believe that strong research and product development capabilities are essential to continually enhancing our software. That's why we invest significantly into research and development, with just over one- third of our employees working in product development, quality assurance or technical documentation roles. Our key software engineers and developers have expertise in a variety of high level coding and technical systems integration. We dedicate a significant amount of our efforts to ensure Aprotec products work consistently within complex IT environments.

To learn more about Aprotec, please download our corporate brochure.

Aprotec DMS

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PDFA number of useful documents are available for download in PDF format. [more]


For over 30 years Aprotec has provided document management solutions across a variety of industries. [more]

Remote Connectivity

Boost your productivity on the go, leverage the power of your DMS outside your walls to remote offices, remote workers and home workers. [more]

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