• Work remotely and access your DMS documents / drawings as if you were in the office.
  • View work files and drawings remotely on mobile devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Leverage the cloud with your DMS to collaborate on documents and drawings.
  • A rich DMS toolkit providing functions for remote users to colaborate on documents and designs

DMS Integration with CAD

Aprotec DMS has always offered the best solution for managing the CAD design office, with many thousands of CAD workstations being managed effectively over the past 35+ years. However, it’s not just a case of providing the best storage and retrieval system for electronic drawings but also about rigorously maintaining standards and ensuring the design change process is fully controlled.

Aprotec DMS treats CAD drawings like any other electronic file, applying all of the same rules and controls you would expect for any mission critical document. The CAD integration, using licensed technology from Autodesk, ensures that the details held within the drawing title block are always synchronised with the data card itself, therefore preventing any possible mix-ups with revisions. 

As well as guaranteeing data integrity the system will also, optionally, generate a PDF version of the drawing at an appropriate point during the revision cycle.  The benefits of this tight integration with CAD are numerous and with Aprotec’s unique experience in this field, if your company requires a document management solution that can also integrate with CAD then look no further.

Aprotec DMS support AutoCAD and certain other popular CAD applications.

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