• Work remotely and access your DMS documents / drawings as if you were in the office.
  • View work files and drawings remotely on mobile devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Leverage the cloud with your DMS to collaborate on documents and drawings.
  • A rich DMS toolkit providing functions for remote users to colaborate on documents and designs

DMS Web (Interface)

Aprotec DMS Web is an optional upgrade to our DMS solution.With this Web Interface your business can connect with remote workers, suppliers or even customers over the internet or even via a company Intranet.

Aprotec DMS Web provides most of the view only capability of the main DMS interface within Microsoft Internet Explorer whilst Web+ allows remote users to book documents in and out and carryout many of the principle editing and creating functions.

DMS Web is intended for ‘View Only’ users who are working remotely from the main office but connected via the internet. Aprotec DMS Web provides a simple browser interface for accessing and viewing centrally stored documents so employees don’t have to wait for them to be retrieved and emailed when required.

This creates an external working environment, allowing employees to access documents, at any time and location.

Aprotec DMS online solutions connects your business with remote workers, suppliers or even customers over the internet.

Aprotec DMS

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Remote Connectivity

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