• Work remotely and access your DMS documents / drawings as if you were in the office.
  • View work files and drawings remotely on mobile devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Leverage the cloud with your DMS to collaborate on documents and drawings.
  • A rich DMS toolkit providing functions for remote users to colaborate on documents and designs


The provision of quality services is as much part of a successful document management solution as the actual software products and Aprotec prides itself on its highly experienced and committed consultants, engineers and trainers.

The experience gained over many years of working in the field, implementing document management systems for all types of companies and engineering disciplines is a valuable asset. This knowledge and expertise is available directly from Aprotec as part of a complete package and Aprotec customers know that expert help is always at hand. Not all companies have the skills and resources in-house or simply the time to implement sophisticated software solutions on their own, so it is comforting to know that Aprotec is ready to provide whatever level of service is required. Initial consultancy is often provided to investigate the needs of the business and assist with requirements analysis, preparation of system specifications and implementation planning.

Specialist Training

Aprotec offers a full training programme for Aprotec DMS. Training can be delivered either on site or via Zoom Webinar for those working remotely.

Programming Services

Specialising in Microsoft and Autodesk technologies, Aprotec is able to offer a comprehensive bespoke programming service to it’s clients. Using such technologies as VB6 .Net, ASP, VBA etc, Aprotec programmers are able to provide complete stand-alone applications and specialised systems integration.


Project Management

As well as programming expertise, Aprotec offers a complete project management service, covering all aspects from initial conception work right through to final deployment and on-going support issues. With an unrivalled wealth of solution development experience gained over 30 years, in the field of CAD and Data management, Aprotec is able to offer a high class, unique service to it's clients where specialised tailored solutions are required.

Document Scanning

While many bureaus offer a document scanning service at low prices, Aprotec recognised a long time ago that businesses required more unique specialist services to deal more appropriately with certain types of documents, particularly drawings. Although Aprotec does not provide document scanning in-house, we are happy to work with your chosen bureau providing services such as, project management, risk analysis, quality plans, inspection, traceability & searchable extracted data.

Product Support

We provide varied support packages for Aprotec DMS, which are tailored to suit your individual needs.

Aprotec DMS

Learn more about Aprotec’s latest flagship product for complete document management support. [more]


PDFA number of useful documents are available for download in PDF format. [more]


For over 30 years Aprotec has provided document management solutions across a variety of industries. [more]

Remote Connectivity

Boost your productivity on the go, leverage the power of your DMS outside your walls to remote offices, remote workers and home workers. [more]

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